Host Gary Puckett interviews Glenn Wright (I) – Candidate for Dearborn County Commissioner in District 3 — for 2018


From our 2018 Archives.

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  1. Tony says:

    Glenn sounds like a candidate that is too good to be true, one that many of us have hoped would stand up and help us in our quest for great leadership that represents the people and what they want.

    Has politics changed much in the past 5-10 years? Have you seen much change in the dynamics of politics since you’ve been in office?

    Glenn sounds great. The first question I think he avoided and really could…and should have let us know his thoughts. I am a Ohio transplant. In the years I’ve lived in Dearborn County I’ve seen and heard plenty that I question, that troubles me and that I don’t like. I’m sure Glenn could tell us more and I’d like to hear more. With the 2nd question, Glenn starts to open up on things. This is what I want to hear, the people want to hear.

    It helps me to know that Glenn sees our problems and challenges and may do something.

    Yes, Glenn is a good guy. But can he fix things? Can electing Glenn help us to start breaking up the “good ole boys” club?

    I really look forward to hearing more from Glenn.

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