Phil Kuhn offers some recommended reads for the month of   JUNE.

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  1. oscar h says:

    Hello, really neat podcast. I’m happy to discover this information for my Dearborn County Libraries.

  2. maria b says:

    Each month I anticipate listening to this library show. Thank you for providing it to our community.

  3. betty j says:

    I enjoy hearing Ms. Stegner each month. We have a wonderful public library. Thank you also to the Fly Pod.

  4. linda w says:

    We enjoy this program. Thank you!

  5. noreen m says:

    My daughter and I enjoy your books on the fly report.

  6. terry h says:

    The new library show person is doing a good job. Thank you

  7. linda s says:

    Listening here gave me a good gift idea.

  8. lester r says:

    I read A String of Beads and enjoyed it.

  9. karen b says:

    It’s fun listening to Phillip.

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